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"Road Map to Success"

The Phoenix Chapter presents information to youth at several different events each year focusing on grades, community involvement and sports. We are currently working with community partners and individuals to produce an ongoing program that will educate both youth and parents that are looking for long term success in the classroom and the field of play.

If you are interested in being a speaker/educator for this event please contact us at info@phxchapter.org .   



National Alliance of African American Athletes Internship Program

Four awardees and their schools were recently selected to participate in the 6-week paid internship program in Phoenix Arizona, headed by Dr. Val Emery.  Scott Williams, Director of the Phoenix Chapter of NAAAA will perform the task of managing the initial pilot program, which will focus on the weakness in a student’s academic curriculum. The program is scheduled to expand in 2019.  

The board committee of the NAAAA has rolled out it's first of several programs designed to help youth achieve academic excellence and reach their highest potential.

J. Everette Pearsall, National Executive Director of the National Alliance of African American Athletes stated, “We are commented to expanding our work and presence in the community, with an effort to help make a difference in the lives of those we touch”. 

To find out more about this program visit our national page https://www.naaaa.com/